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2-Day Music Festival coming to Georgetown in April 2023


Texas is world-famous for its music and Austin is arguably the crown jewel of the Texas music machine. 


Janis Joplin, Spoon, Willie Nelson, Gary Clark Jr., and more were born and raised nearby in Austin. When you add in ZZ Top, SRV, or any other of the dozens of chart-toppers to come out of Texas, it’s obvious how big music is here.


While people can appreciate the music, many people fail to connect how big of an economic impact music has. The music and entertainment industry is worth $10.6 billion in North America alone.


With the art and the economy in mind, Georgetown’s city council approved a 2-day music festival in San Gabriel Park. It’s an event that will boost the local economy, help Georgetown continue to emerge as a cultural outpost near Austin, and continue Central Texas’ strong musical tradition. 


The proposed festival showcases some of Central Texas’ finest artists and musicians and will help Georgetown’s businesses start the year strong.


Festival Details

According to a recent Community Impact article, The Georgetown City Council approved a 1-year agreement with C2 Acquisitions to take the first steps toward hosting the new music festival. Kimberley Garrett, Georgetown’s parks and recreation director said C2 Acquisitions plans to host the event in San Gabriel Park on April 15-16, 2023.


This event falls directly in line with the City Council’s vision to make greater use of Georgetown’s parks for economic development purposes. Garrett explained that event setup will start up to 10 days before the event, and cleanup will take up to five days after the event. Although this might disrupt our public space for a bit, the economic benefits may far outweigh the inconvenience.


According to the agreement, there are over 3,000 parking spots set aside for the event. C2 Acquisitions is also working to secure additional off-site parking so people can be shuttled into the event. The maximum attendance for the festival is 30,000 per day.


The revenue generated and the jobs created by 30,000 music lovers descending on Georgetown’s San Gabriel Park is an exciting proposition for art lovers and business owners alike.


Big Plans for Georgetown

The newly approved music festival works twofold to improve Georgetown. First, it builds our community’s cultural capital by being the place people visit to experience their favorite artists. Second, it helps grease the economic wheels. 


Not only do we get to enjoy great musicians coming to our town en masse, but we also have a direct capital injection from festival-goers booking hotels, eating at restaurants, buying water bottles, souvenirs, t-shirts, and so much more. As Georgetown grows faster than ever, events like these help dictate the direction we take as a city. 


We want to continue to be the city where people flock to consume art and build economic prosperity. Georgetown grew 10.5% from July 2020 to July 2021, the fastest in the country. Part of the reason is the fact that we’re so close to Austin, but the other part is that we have our ducks in a row. 


If you’re one of the thousands of families planning on moving to Central Texas in the next year, you’re not alone. Just take a look at the population growth stats and real estate prices in Georgetown and nearby areas, and you can see how popular it is to move here. But that doesn’t mean that you have to fight tooth and nail to find a wonderful home. 


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