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Parmer Park: Your Summer Go-To

Residents only need a short walk out the front door and down to Parmer Park to find fun and unique activities this summer! The whole family will enjoy this beautiful 10-acre park.


Gather in Green Spaces 

Living here gives you access to the wide-open green spaces in the park and along the trails. You can gather in the park’s pavilion for birthdays, anniversaries, and other special celebrations year-round. The lawn is the perfect backdrop for your next picnic or group potluck to get to know your neighbors! Play croquet or Frisbee, and then cool off with snacks and drinks in the pavilion shade. Or hang a hammock and take a nap for a slower afternoon. The possibilities are endless!


Fitness for the Whole Family

Take advantage of the open spaces to get fit this summer. You can practice yoga or Tai Chi on the lawn or organize an outdoor CrossFit challenge with your family and neighbors. You can get that daily workout under the trees with weights for resistance training or from your favorite YouTube influencer!

You can also get your steps in with a walk or jog on the paved and granite trails. Ride your bike on the paths or take your dog on walks through the green space for a fun daily routine for both of you.


Zip Through the Park

For a unique activity, ride the zip-line through Parmer Park. Soar high above the green grass and lush trees for a bird’s-eye view of the beautiful grounds. Challenge your family to zip through the park and play “I Spy” as you fly. Count the people or dogs you see. Or enjoy the ride through the green space.


Kids Can Go Green Too

Remember the “old” days when parents told their kids to go outside and play in the summer? Parmer Park is bringing it back!

Get kiddos into the Gaga ball pit for summer fun, or down in the sand in the Dino Dig box. Encourage them to use their imaginations to play in the playground area with a play house. They can swing on the traditional swings or fly on the single ropes for a more challenging game. They can even create their own obstacle courses around the area!


Spend Your Summer at Parmer Ranch

You’ll love the summer amusement and year-round entertainment at Parmer Ranch. Choose your new home here to be part of our friendly small-town community. Our scenic and creatively planned 454-acre development is ideally situated in the Hill Country, just minutes from the historic Georgetown Square.

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