Summer Moving 101 | Parmer Ranch | Georgetown Texas

Summer Moving 101

There’s only one thing we can think of better than a new-car smell—a new home smell! You found the perfect place and you can’t wait to get settled. But first, you have to get through the summer move-in. You may dread the heat and sweaty mess but don’t fret. We are here to help! Try these tips to make the summer moving process a little more enjoyable.


Let the Pros Do It

Hire professionals! They sure are excellent at what they do and take some of the burden off you. Movers are an exceptional tool—especially when battling the Georgetown heat to get you into your new home in Parmer Ranch as soon as possible.

You can start by setting a budget and researching the best deal. Summer is the peak moving season, so you may prepare for higher prices. We recommend shopping around and reading valuable reviews. Check out this list of the best moving companies. Feel free to collaborate with them if you want them to do everything, the heavy things, or somewhere in the middle.


Pick the Right Time

When moving day arrives, the earlier your wake-up call is, the better! You’ll be thankful when you beat the heat by starting before the temperatures get too high. It can be helpful to walk through expectations of the day, and how long everything realistically takes. Don’t forget to figure in time for traffic, breaks to cool off, and unexpected delays like road closures or accidents.

We also recommend avoiding a holiday weekend to make the big switch. Movers tend to be more expensive, and traffic tends to be heavier. No need to add extra stress to the process, right?!


Don’t Sweat the Heat

Start early! You’ll be glad you took advantage of the cooler morning temps. Sunscreen will be your best friend to protect you from UV rays, and you may consider investing in portable fans. The Texas heat is no joke!

You can use coolers, insulated bags, and freezer packs for cold and frozen foods and move them in the morning if possible. Pack electronics separately and leave room for airflow to avoid anything overheating.

Remember to turn on the A/C in your new home at least one day before so things will be nice and cool! If you have a Smart Thermostat, you can control it with your phone from anywhere.

When it comes to clothing, cotton and linens are the name of the game due to their breathability. Intentionality with your shoes is also crucial—pick out your comfiest pair because you will most definitely get your steps in for the day.

Hydration is also essential to beat the heat! Drink lots of water and get electrolytes. Gatorade or Powerade provide electrolytes or use packets (like Liquid IV) in water. You can freeze water bottles to keep your food chilled when moving and then drink them when they melt!

Moving to a new home in Parmer Ranch is worth the sweat and hard work. You are sure to adore the small-town feel of the charming Georgetown, while not being too far from the big city life of Austin. Our incredible team of builders is ready to assist you in finding your dream home—contact our team today!