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Thanksgiving Hosting Hacks

Does hosting a Thanksgiving dinner at your house make you want to book a cruise instead? The holiday season can quickly become stressful if you plan to open your home as the hub for all family activities. We have exciting news for you, though — you can avoid the stress and premature gray hours with a few simple hacks. So don’t fret; everything will be OK (even if this is your first time hosting!).


Plan Ahead

To kick things off, you will certainly not regret planning ahead. Break out that pen and paper and make detailed lists of everything—the guests, menu, chores, seating arrangements, table décor, and even kitchen tools and supplies you’ll need. Think about where your guests will sit and how you want to arrange the food. You may want to serve the food as a buffet will be best, especially if you have eight or more.


Share the Chores

Once you have crafted the lists of supplies and things to do, it’s time to start delegating. That’s right, don’t try to do it all yourself! Give your family tasks like cleaning the house, setting up chairs and tables, making decorations, and helping prepare various dishes. Setting the table is a simple task to give younger kids, and older ones can help with just about anything. Also, remember to confirm your guests’ attendance so you know how much food to make. That’s a task kids can do by texting or setting up a Facebook event page.


Simplify the Menu

A grand feast is a tradition, yes, but it may also be too much. A simple dinner with fewer dishes can be an easy and delicious option. Pick out a few favorite dishes and focus on quality over quantity. You can print out the recipes and check them out beforehand for smooth meal preparation!

Next, make your grocery list and divide it into perishables and non-perishables. You can shop for non-perishables early and online to save a trip. For the perishables, we recommend purchasing them closer to the day of the meal. But, as all smart shoppers know — you don’t want to end up in the grocery store on the morning of Thanksgiving Day! Once you’ve secured the perishables, you can even chop the vegetables and herbs the night before you cook for the ultimate preparation win.


Prep Early

Speaking of early preparation, this is the key to successful stress management. You can measure what you need for each recipe and organize the ingredients by dish in the pantry or fridge. It could even be a fun game with your family to match the ingredients with the correct dish!


Parmer Ranch is the Perfect Place

Hosting can be easier and more fun in the perfect home, and you can find yours here at Parmer Ranch. You’ll love hosting gatherings in your spacious dining and family rooms. Imagine setting your table in a stunning space with lots of room for prep and seating! Contact us today to have your next Thanksgiving in a beautiful new home in our stunning master-planned community.