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Budget-Friendly Spring Decor Tips

Spring not only brings longer days, warmer weather, and flourishing landscapes, but a feeling of starting fresh. What better way to start fresh than within your home? If you’re looking to refresh your home decor this season but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg, we’ve got you covered.

These inexpensive spring decor ideas will assist you in creating a spring-inspired house on a limited budget. Most of these ideas may be implemented with items you already have around the house. If not, you can buy these items for relatively little money in your local grocery store, resale store, or on an online marketplace.


Style a spring tablescape

A spring tablescape, like a holiday tablescape, can be a lovely way to celebrate the season with friends and family while dining both inside and out, creating a distinctive, refreshing, and inviting ambiance around your dining table.

Incorporate relaxing and tactile layers for a modern Easter tablescape — add textured glass, pastel tablecloths, or natural elements from your background for an elegant, yet comfortable aesthetic. Consider adding personalized details like place cards or flower arrangements to your table for a more memorable setting.


Decorate your front door with a spring wreath

Spring is intimately linked with flourishing greenery and blossoming flowers. As many of our favorite florals return in season, why not celebrate the return of your favorite flowers with a pretty spring wreath? Though the beauty of blossoms and bulbs is transitory, you can capture it in a spring wreath. It’s a way to bring the season to your home from the moment your guests step on your front porch.


Create a fun Easter display

Lots of us associate spring with the holiday of Easter. An Easter display with bunnies, flowers, or Easter eggs can enhance your celebrations with a little dose of fun and charming decoration. Grab some paint and cardboard eggs from the craft store and paint an Easter-themed display that matches your style and brings some pastels to your shelf. Pull out your unused baskets, fill them with paper grass, and add some ribbon for a simple piece of Easter decoration. Anything with pastels, ribbons, and natural elements can be arranged to coordinate with the spring season, so get creative with what you have!


Fill your fireplace with foliage

When there isn’t a fire, your fireplace may quickly shift from a focal point to an eyesore. Giving it a spring facelift with a basket of fresh foliage or flowers, some brightly-colored artwork, or a feature wallpaper that grabs the eye for all the right reasons is an easy refresh.

Decorate your mantel with art in soft pastel colors like pink, blue, and lavender. It could be a floral print, an abstract artwork, a vase of flowers, or the aforementioned homemade Easter display.


Do a seasonal declutter

Spring decor ideas are about more than just adding to your existing scheme; they are also about decluttering. If you’re planning a spring cleaning, take advantage of the chance to clean your home from top to bottom while giving away anything unused.

Reconsider what you have on display and whether you have too many items cluttering your surfaces. The counter space that’s become a catch-all, the closet shelf that’s full of clothes from who knows when, or the junk drawer that’s truly just junk—it just takes an hour to knock out one area. And a change of seasons is a perfect moment to step back and evaluate what’s working in each room. 


Focus on a feature wallpaper

Wallpapers are an easy way to transform blank walls into an appealing focal point of a room by adding a simple pattern or color for an easy, budget-friendly makeover. Nature-inspired wallpaper is an excellent method to achieve the spring aesthetic. Complement the wallpaper with some accent pillows, throws, and other textures.


Start Fresh

If you’re ready to start fresh with more than just decor, it may be the perfect time to start the journey to finding your dream home. Parmer Ranch is a new master-planned community in Georgetown, Texas, with a variety of amenities, top-notch schools, and beautiful homes from the area’s top builders. Contact the team at Parmer Ranch to start fresh this spring in a new home!