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Gourmet Coffee In Georgetown


America runs on coffee, and Texas is no exception. 7 in 10 Americans drink coffee weekly and 62% drink coffee every day. Every year since 1959, Americans drink more coffee than the year before. 


In the 1960s, people typically drank coffee brewed from freeze-dried robusta beans from a sealed can, like Folgers or Mills Bros. These old brands are still popular, but the rise of fresh-roasted arabica beans from around the world has become a much tastier and popular alternative. Fresh-roasted arabica coffee is the key to modern coffee’s texture, flavor, tone, and body compared to their robusta counterparts from the cold-war era. 


Coffee is probably an essential part of most daily morning routines. If you appreciate a great cup of specialty coffee, or know the actual difference between a latte and a flat white, you must visit these coffee shops in Georgetown for a unique cup!


3 Must-Visit Coffee Shops in Georgetown

Georgetown has over 20 places where you can buy specialty coffee and espresso drinks. We can’t list them all here, but they range from locally-roasted specialty shops to Starbucks. We’ve selected these three spots because we think you’ll enjoy their coffee and the little things they do to make your coffee or espresso special. 


309 Coffee

Located on Main in downtown, 309 Coffee (309 South Main Street) serves coffee and espresso brewed from beans roasted locally in Georgetown. That means their coffee is of the highest quality. Because their roaster is local, they have closer control over bean quality and brew timing after roasting. Normally, a roaster might have coffee sitting in a shipping crate for weeks, going stale before it reaches its cup. 309 has the control to make sure your brew is perfectly timed for optimum flavor and freshness. 


They also offer tea, beer, and wine. The patio areas are dog and kid-friendly, and they serve bread and bakery items from Austin-based Clever Bakery Co. The owners are striving to make 309 into a community gathering place as well as the best coffee shop in Georgetown, and they are largely succeeding.


Lamppost Coffee

Also located on Main downtown, Lamppost Coffee (809 S. Main St.) has a big menu with a wide variety of coffee, tea, and espresso drinks. They also make smoothies and serve excellent breakfast all day. Whether you’re looking for a perfectly balanced cortado with avocado toast, or an espresso milkshake and a BLT, Lamppost is well worth the trip the next time you’re downtown and in need of high-quality caffeine.


Rivery Coffee House

Located West of I35 at the intersection of Rivery Blvd and Wolf Ranch Parkway, Rivery Coffeehouse & Desserts (1500 Rivery Blvd Suite 2155) is a cozy coffeehouse serving specialty coffee, tea, European pastries & decadent desserts. We’re highlighting them specifically for their quality that stays true to their origins—Rivery serves English-style afternoon Tea that would fool the poshest English aristocrat. Note: reservations are required for Tea.


Alongside some of the best specialty coffee and pour-overs in Texas, they also curate dessert selections, including cakes from Europe and chocolate truffles from Vermont. If you’re looking for a special experience, then stop by Rivery and judge for yourself whether they make it like the old country. 


Finding Your Favorite in Georgetown

There’s no shortage of options when it comes to gourmet coffee in Georgetown. Finding your favorite cup of coffee will depend on your style, whether it be straight black coffee in a paper cup or an English tea service. You’ll definitely be able to find at least one place around town that fits your particular taste.  


The reason for so many great options for coffee and restaurants in town is due largely to the recent population boom in Central Texas (specifically Austin). Simply put, more high-earning newcomers in Georgetown mean more business diversity and prosperity for everyone.


More people live in the Texas Hill Country than ever because of industries migrating here and the high quality of living. That’s not going to change anytime soon. More people are coming in the next few years, according to real estate and population forecasts. 


When you zoom out and see Georgetown’s schools, public spaces, markets, and parks, our people’s closeness to nature and conservation efforts, and the overall positive outlook toward business and prosperity, it’s easy to see why the Austin area has been the #1 choice for families in America.


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