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Festive DIY: Crafting Seasonal Projects

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to keep your kids from getting stir-crazy during the holiday break! It’s a challenge, but with a little creativity and holiday cheer, it’s a possible mission. Getting kids involved in helping make the holidays bright can be a great way to spark creativity and create lasting memories. They can bake, make decorations, and craft Christmas gifts for family and friends. Here are a few ideas to help you complete your mission.


Christmas Cookies

Get your kiddos in the kitchen to bake the most iconic Christmas cookies of all time — sugar cookies in fun holiday shapes with pretty decorations that taste as good as they look! Your kids will adore making the shapes, icing, and festive designs. They only need 7-8 ingredients for the dough and a little while to let it chill before they start making magic. Then, they can get creative with colorful icing, glitter sprinkles, and fun candy accents.


Grinch Ornaments

Help your kids discover the true meaning of Christmas by crafting Grinch ornaments! They’ll be great additions to your tree and make adorable gifts. The bright green bulbs with deep red hearts will make everyone smile, and your little ones can let their creativity shine. All you do is fill a clear bulb with anything bright lime green, add a heart on the outside, and tie on a ribbon or bow for hanging. You can decorate with feathers, beads, pom-poms, paper cutouts — whatever strikes your fancy (or whatever is already lying around the house!).


Magical Reindeer Food

Your kids can help guide Santa’s reindeer to their home with Magical Reindeer Food they make themselves! They only need a few simple ingredients and some homemade gift tags to give to their friends. There’s a cute poem to print or write on the tags to instruct how to use the glittery treat. Everyone will believe in the magic of the season once they see the sparkly concoction!


Snowman Hot Cocoa Bombs

Homemade snowman hot cocoa bombs will melt hearts just like Frosty! These are easy to make, and kiddos can get creative with their noses and smiles. They don’t need any candy-making skills to get these right, and it only takes a few minutes for each. You’ll need a sphere mold, clear glass mugs, and a baking sheet — plus white chocolate, mini marshmallows, and white hot cocoa mix. Add creativity, and you’ll get the cutest bombs ever!


Colorful Wooden Bead Garland

Another festive project is a colorful wooden bead garland for the holidays and beyond! Kids can easily do this craft using wooden beads, liquid dye, twine, and a lidded glass jar. They’ll dye the beads in the jar and string their garland with the square, round, and star shapes in any order they want. How fun is that? And you can use them after the holidays since they aren’t Christmas-specific.


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