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Holiday Hustle: Tips for Seamless Travel

Get ready to sleigh your holiday travels this year! As you gear up for a festive getaway, it’s time to swap stress for excitement and mishaps for memories. Whether you’re hitting the road or taking to the skies, navigating the season can be a jolly adventure you look back on with joy. Read on for our insider’s guide, covering all essential tips so you can navigate your upcoming adventure like a pro.


Plan Ahead

First, plan as much as possible. If you’re flying, book your flight early — it helps with scheduling, and you may also catch a lower rate! Make sure to check the requirements and restrictions of the airline and your destination, especially if you’re going out of the country. Double-check you have everyone’s passports and other necessary documents well in advance and pack them in an accessible bag — expired passports can make for a total Scrooge moment!

If you’re driving, plan your route and add stops for breaks to give everyone something to look forward to and reduce the possibility of not being able to find a restroom when you need it. Be sure to plot your map/GPS on your phone or navigation system before you leave, and familiarize yourself with the route and your stops. Allow extra time for traffic, road construction, and other delays.


Pack Wisely

If you are a list person, this is an excellent opportunity to create a checklist for each person in your family so you don’t forget any essentials. Check the weather forecast and pack accordingly, and remember that forecasters are only human. You will rarely regret packing layers for each day, so you are prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws your way. One helpful hint is to list what’s in each bag before or during packing, then pack it in the bag so you’ll know what’s there.


Stay Hydrated and Healthy

Whether flying or driving, take water, snacks, and electrolyte mixes to stay hydrated. Flying is especially dehydrating, so pack them in a carry-on to keep under a seat. Try fun snacks like Rudolph’s Mix or individual nut-butter packets and crackers. There are few things worse than a hangry traveler!


Be Positive and Patient 

Finally, don’t sweat the small stuff. Delays are inevitable, so why not go with the flow before your trip even starts? Everyone is trying to reach their destination or their loved ones. If you encounter delays or traffic issues, turn them into a game to play with your family, like I-Spy or the Alphabet Game. And if problems with other travelers arise, strive to be positive because a little kindness will make everyone feel better, and is, after all, part of the holiday spirit. Patience is key!


Come Home to Parmer Ranch

You’ll love returning to your home at Parmer Ranch after being away. You may love your new home so much that you’d rather host the party than leave. Contact us today to find your perfect place to celebrate every holiday.