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#GeorgetownEats: Rivery Coffeehouse & Desserts


Rivery Coffeehouse & Desserts

With a list of local restaurants serving freshly prepared foods ranging from barbecue and burgers to international cuisine, the culinary scene here in Georgetown, Texas is a major draw for anyone who enjoys a standout meal. It’s not always a big, heavy meal that we’re in the mood for, however, sometimes it’s something as simple and comforting as a hot cup of coffee or tea, and when that caffeine craving hits, the place to go is Rivery Coffeehouse & Desserts


The local coffee shop which encourages customers to “give your taste buds a treat,” has been run by Jeff and Vinnie McElhaney since 2020. The couple had lived in Georgetown since 2017 and were running Woops Bakeshop when they decided to convert the business to Rivery. 


Jeff who serves in the Air Force told Community Impact that it was a definite risk but with his wife on board, the couple made the switch – literally overnight. “We closed on July 9 as Woops and opened on July 10 as Rivery,” Jeff said. “I came in the night prior and painted the walls and brought everything in. We ripped the logos off the walls; it was literally a one-day thing. We didn’t give them a chance to take it in.”


The risk paid off though, and Rivery is going two years strong with a menu of both sweet and savory treats to accompany the locally-sourced coffee. While you’ll certainly find delicious coffee shop fares such as pour overs, espressos, Americanos, croissants, and muffins, the menu is far more expansive than a standard chain coffee shop. 


Customers can order an array of fresh salads and sandwiches as well as beer and wine. Not in the mood for a cup of joe with your morning Belgian waffle? Opt for one of Rivery’s mimosas instead!


With “Desserts” being part of the business’ name, it’s pretty much a given that this coffee shop is going to deliver satisfaction to your sweet tooth. From New York Cheesecake to Tiramisu, Rainbow Cake, and the flat-out irresistible Chocolate Temptation, you won’t have a shortage of mouthwatering dessert options. 


One of Rivery’s more unique options has been the addition of afternoon tea. Jeff said the couple had wanted to try the idea but said that “it’s hard to execute; it’s a different type of service.” In order to make it work, Jeff and Vinnie knew they’d have to focus on the presentation just as much as the “bite-sized goodness.” Reservations are required a day in advance, but for $35 guests can enjoy loose-leaf tea with a 3-course menu of tea sandwiches, scones and pastries, cakes, and a glass of rose or prosecco. 


In addition to afternoon tea, Rivery also does corporate catering and hosts special event brunches for holidays such as Easter and Mother’s Day.


Whether you visit Rivery for afternoon tea, a holiday brunch, or simply pop in to grab your morning cup of cold brew, you’re bound to feel like a regular. The local coffee shop is just one of the many Georgetown eateries that’s sure to become a favorite spot of Parmer Ranch residents. Begin your new home search with one of our trusted builders today!