Father’s Day in Georgetown

Father’s Day in Georgetown Father’s Day is an opportunity to show your Dad how much you care, and Georgetown is the perfect place to spend the day doing what he loves to do the most. From fishing to fine dining, Georgetown is ideal for celebrating Father’s Day the right way.   There are an estimated […]

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Antique Shopping in Georgetown, TX

Antique Shopping in Georgetown, TX   It’s not surprising that so many people are into antique shopping these days. Antiques provide decorating options that are one-of-a-kind. Hand-crafted furniture, artwork, and glassware from a century ago give your home a unique feel that you can’t recreate any other way. Whether it’s a marble and travertine table […]

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Running and Walking Trails in Georgetown

Running in Georgetown

Running and Walking Trails in Georgetown Georgetown is a little slice of heaven for runners and walkers. Walking and jogging trails wind through the city and the outlying areas, providing residents with a perfect way to stay fit and healthy.  I’m sure you’re aware that running is good for you. But do you know how […]

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Things to do this summer in Georgetown, TX

Fun in Georgetown, TX

Things to do this summer in Georgetown, TX This summer, Georgetown residents and visitors can enjoy a myriad of fun family activities and events put on by the city. Summer camps, wilderness trails, parks, outdoor movies, community events, world-class staycations, and more are on tap for the whole family. Whether you’re just visiting or you’ve […]

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Celebrate Mother’s Day in Style in Georgetown, TX

Mother Day Georgetown Texas

Celebrate Mother’s Day in Style in Georgetown, TX Considering how important mothers are, there should be more than one day each year dedicated to celebrating the women that brought us into this world. But because there is only one Mother’s Day each year, it’s worth it to do something special.   This Mother’s Day (Sunday, […]

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Summer in Georgetown, Texas

Georgetown Texas

Summer in Georgetown, Texas Georgetown offers an abundance of Texas-sized fun throughout the year, but there’s just something special about the hazy days of summer. Whether it’s hitting up a local swimming hole or cooling off with a scoop of ice cream, there’s always something exciting waiting around the corner in Georgetown during the summer […]

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Georgetown Local: LIV & Leaf

Georgetown houseplants

Georgetown Local: LIV & Leaf Whether you’ve never been able to keep a plant alive for more than a week or you have a flourishing garden in your living room, everyone can agree that every home needs some greenery. Houseplants brighten up a space, help clean the air, and provide a therapeutic hobby for people […]

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#GeorgetownEats: BBQ Restaurants

Georgetown Texas BBQ

If there’s one thing the Texas Hill Country is known for besides its beautiful natural scenery, it’s the barbecue. For many Texans, barbecue is practically a religion down here and you don’t need to look far for devoted congregations of brisket and pulled pork disciples praising their favorite smokehouse as the best.    Whether you’re […]

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Georgetown Public Library

Georgetown Library

From exploring its archives and getting lost in a world of books to special events like the Cosplay Ball or Family Storytime, there’s a lot to love about the Georgetown Public Library. The library bills itself as the “best little public library in Texas” and we happen to agree. A quick scan of the library’s […]

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