Nurture Your Green Thumb in Georgetown


Looking for ways to cultivate that green thumb? Georgetown is the place to be! Although it’s only February, gardeners young and old know that now is the time to start making sure everything is in order and get plants in the ground when spring gets closer. At Parmer Ranch, we’re here to help you go green with great resources that can help make our little corner of the world even more beautiful. 


Gardening To-Do List for February

According to the Central Texas Gardener, there are several things that you can do now to prep your garden or flower bed for the spring. It’s time to tackle annual transplants, including pansies, violas, snapdragons as well as evergreen perennials and vines. Depending on the forecasted weather, it’s likely a great time to get some plants in the ground, including herbs like chives, dill, parsley, oregano, thyme, garlic chives, and more. You can also plant tubers, stems, and root vegetables such as asparagus, onions, potatoes, and more. 


Looking for more detailed information? The Texas A&M AgriLife Extension offers a variety of to-dos for your February outdoor gardening, including when and what to fertilize and water.


Gardening Tips to Help Your Plants Thrive

No one is born with a green thumb, which is why knowing the right tips and tricks to get your garden growing is vital to your success. For example, knowing your USDA hardiness zone will help you better understand what to plant if you’re just getting started. Although February still has front danger for some parts of central Texas, there are some plants you can start inside. 


Also, make sure you understand how much light different plants need. Most vegetables need at least 8 hours of sunlight every day, but if you live in a shadier area, crops like cabbage and spinach can do well. 


Grow Something Wonderful 

Gardening is a great hobby to get outside and spend some time nurturing your plants, and it has a great reward at every harvest. It’s also a great way to meet new friends. Georgetown’s Heritage Community Garden is for residents to rent a garden plot to take care of throughout the season. Each plot includes up to two raised beds, with options for in-ground beds. The lease period for a plot runs from February to December and can be renewed annually. This is a great way to be more present in the local community while growing your garden.


In addition to the Heritage Community Garden, you can also join the Georgetown Garden Club, an organization founded in 1940 that is welcoming to men and women of all ages and all gardening and floral design experience. The Garden Club meets once a month to hear from an expert in gardening, floral design, or conservation. This is a great opportunity to meet others with similar interests and to gain knowledge to improve your garden.


Flower and Plant Nurseries 

If you’re looking to grow your flowers and plants, Georgetown is home to a variety of plant and flower nurseries. Get all of your garden supplies, including natural and eco-friendly pesticides, from McIntire’s Garden Center where certified nursery specialists will help you find the perfect plants for your lawn and garden. Hillside Nursery is also a staple in Georgetown, having been in the community since 1999 and offering landscaping and plant nursery services across Georgetown and surrounding areas. 


If you’re ready to experience all of the beauty of nature both in and around you, there’s nowhere quite like Parmer Ranch to bring your landscape vision to life! Nestled among the rolling hills and bursting with natural green spaces and parks, Parmer Ranch is a master-planned community that’s close to all the action in Georgetown, but with the small-town charm and friendly neighborhood community that will make you feel welcomed again and again. Contact our team to learn more.