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Georgetown houseplantsGeorgetown Local: LIV & Leaf

Whether you’ve never been able to keep a plant alive for more than a week or you have a flourishing garden in your living room, everyone can agree that every home needs some greenery. Houseplants brighten up a space, help clean the air, and provide a therapeutic hobby for people of all ages and lifestyles. 


Deciding on what kind of houseplant and how many can be a daunting task, and despite what your grandmother told you, nobody is born with a natural green thumb. Picking out the wrong house plant can be an expensive and discouraging affair if you don’t know how to care for it. So what’s a new homeowner who longs to be a new houseplant owner to do? Give the ladies at LIV & Leaf a call!


Run by Amy Doucet and Heather Hilgers, LIV & Leaf is Georgetown’s premier houseplant concierge service. Whether the plant is for yourself or as a gift, LIV & Leaf will deliverlocally sourced houseplants & succulents paired with eye-catching planters to your home or office space.” They’ll even tell you how to care for your new plant so that it flourishes day in and day out. While the growing business doesn’t have its own brick-and-mortar location, shoppers who want to check out the plants in person can see a selection of products inside Lark & Owl bookstore on 6th Street. 


So how does a plant concierge service work exactly? Since it’s a service-based business, there isn’t a standalone website that customers order from. While you can certainly email Amy and Heather to inquire about their plants at, the easiest thing to do is to follow them on Instagram or Facebook. Comment on a plant that you like to let them know you’re interested and the ladies will reach out via chat to set up a delivery date. Because they source all of their plants locally, deliveries are limited to a 20-mile radius and they don’t offer shipping options. Plants are rather delicate creatures after all. 


When it comes to picking out the right houseplant for your room, many novices may not know where to start. LIV & Leaf is always sharing practical advice for plant parents including tips on watering, pruning, and how much sunlight your plant needs.


Succulents, for example, require quite a bit of sunshine. “They need it. Maybe more than you think. Possibly more than your indoor window sills can provide,” LIV & Leaf wrote on their Instagram. Another thing houseplant owners should be mindful of is watering. While all houseplants need some level of watering, the amount of water and watering frequency can vary greatly. Plant owners will also want to check with LIV & Leaf regarding the toxicity of any plants they buy. Some plants can be dangerous for small children and pets if ingested. 


In addition to delivery and what seems like a never-ending fountain of houseplant advice, LIV & Leaf co-sponsors events like Thirsty Thursday with other area businesses. Because wine + houseplants = the perfect way to usher in Friday.


If you’re looking for a new home for your new houseplants, reach out to us at Parmer Ranch to learn more about our home builders