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Reasons to Buy your New Home Now

Did you know that January is one of the best times to buy a new home? It might seem strange at first since you’re buying a home at the start of a new year and in the middle of winter, but there are several little-known benefits to doing so, especially in the Parmer Ranch community in Georgetown, Texas! Here are some of the best reasons to buy your new home now. 


Moving to a New School is Much Less Stressful

If you have school-age children, moving to a new school can be a time of uncertainty. However, moving into a new home in January is a great opportunity, as kids are just coming back to school after the holiday break, and a new semester will be starting. That makes it much easier to make new friends, start schoolwork with the rest of the class, and get settled into a routine in their new school


Some Builders Offer Great Savings Opportunities

Some home builders often offer excellent opportunities to save on your mortgage at the start of the year. Empire Communities, a builder in Parmer Ranch, is currently offering an incentive known as a “rate buydown.” This is one way that a buyer can get a lower interest rate on their home by paying for discount points against their mortgage loan or paying interest upfront at closing. Depending on how the rate buydown is structured, you may be able to pay less in the first couple of years, with payments increasing a little more in the third or fourth year once you’re better settled in. 


Both Empire Communities and GFO Home currently have promotions happening for January 2023 in Parmer Ranch. Visit our website to contact our builders about current offerings!


Spring Means New Inventory from Builders

Better weather for construction in early spring means more inventory from builders, owing to the nicer climate. This means in a new master-planned community like Parmer Ranch, you have an opportunity to save time and move in to enjoy your beautiful home amid the rolling hills of the gorgeous Texas landscape. 


Start the New Year Fresh in a New Home!

Nothing starts your new year like a fresh start in a new home! The homes in Parmer Ranch are built with your family and lifestyle in mind, so you can see your vision for your dream home come to life in a community you will love. How’s that for a fresh start? 


Beat the Summer Heat

Moving now means beating the Texas heat in summer! Moving is hard work, so your family and your moving crew should move those heavy boxes before the 100-degree temperatures set in. After all, summer at Parmer Ranch should be spent outside enjoying the sunshine and outdoor amenities, not inside unpacking boxes. 


Learn More About Parmer Ranch

Our unique, master-planned community is quickly developing into a rich and vibrant space for adults and children of all ages and lifestyles. With many new homes available now and others on track to be completed in the next few months, you have more reason than ever to make Parmer Ranch a part of your and your family’s future. Contact our team or our builders to start the journey to your dream home.